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Ahhhh the Beautiful Sunshine!

I will receive my first interviewee sometime today from my new editor.  I have until the beginning of July to turn in the finished product.  I am grateful for that length of time because whatever I have makes breathing and talking difficult.  Things are migrating from my sinuses to my chest.  I have also dug out a 10 year old short story that I am going to put into WordPerfect and then try to find a home for.  It is one of my favorite short stories.  Once I get my own full version of WordPerfect I will start the arduous task of typing one of my novels in.  Atleast it will be a start.

We got hit with a bit of a storm last night.  I’m not sure if Chris out ran it or just managed to beat it here.  I heard thunder around 10:30pm but this hit maybe 3 minutes after Chris walked in the door.  If he did manage to miss it I’m grateful.  He rode his motorcycle in to work.  It was a beautiful (if windy) ride in for him.  He said it helped his attitude as well.

We are going to a 40th birthday party for a friend this weekend.  A friend that cannot be 40 years old.  I remember when we met him and he was in his teens.  I also remember when he turned 21 because he was then out adult beverage buyer, lol.  But 40?  I’m sorry.  That can just not be!  Where has the time gone?  I was surprised when he turned 21…

I’m sorry this is so short.  I am constantly coughing trying to get the crud out of my chest and my sinuses are filling again.  Feeling winded just typing this so maybe a good cough outside (hopefully Chris won’t hear and can get some sleep) and a nose blow will help.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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Feeling Like the White Rabbit

Good grief!  I am running soooo behind!  I didn’t sleep well but I did manage to fall asleep at the very end so that my alarm woke me up (it has been a few years since I had to do an alarm but I always set it in case of this, whew!).  Now I am scrambling to get it all together.  The rain isn’t helping.  Just making us all more sleepy.  Gonna need extra coffee this morning!  lol

Yesterday turned into a beautiful day.  I didn’t feel all that great but I spent a lot of time outside reading.  I got laundry done and put away and a load of dishes done.  I also got in about 15-20 minutes of training.  Our neighbor’s dog Ellie stopped over to say hi so I was able to have a nice chat with the neighbors and play with Ellie.  Ellie looks a bit like a Pitty and her Dad is having his first exposure to the anti-Pitbull crowd.  So that was a big topic we covered in our chat.  People don’t realize it until they get exposed to it, how bad the anti-Pitbull people can be.  I chose to educate as I went along.  Thus many of my friends and acquaintances have given Pitties a chance.

Well nuts.  This will be a short one!  I will throw on a few pics of the kids.  I hope everyone has a good day!



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Facing Another Day

I woke up to find out one of my Formula 1 heroes has died.  Niki Lauda has died at only 70 years old.  He was an amazing racer!  Caught fire in a wreck and was back racing 5-6 weeks after the accident!  His lungs had to be cleaned out daily but he endured the pain.  He had that much drive to get back to racing.  When I was able to still watch F1 I remember always looking for him in the paddock.  Whenever I watched any kind of F1 documentary they always interviewed him.  I am going to miss him.

I am grateful to be off today.  I feel like someone has hit me in the face with a wooden board.  I feel a little better than I did last night.  Yesterday I just got worse after I got home.  My nose is raw from blowing it so much.

I fear I may need to find a third job.  Finances are getting tight and I need more recourse than what I have available.  Sooooo I am looking.  Ironically I can’t do anything until the second week of June due to me having my SCUBA lessons the first week.  Which reminds me I need to get going on the online classwork for that today.  I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be printed so after I am done here I will plug back in to my office and do all that.

The sun is out today.  We had a frost watch last night so I brought the plants in.  Hopefully it will warm up enough to keep the door open this morning.  The fresh air seems to help more than the medicine.  I won’t try to do much today and maybe that will help.  I did sleep in a bit.  I don’t feel any better for it, but I don’t feel worse so there it is.

I am really concerned about ticks in the yard this year.  So far we’ve had two.  I’m pretty sure they got them from the new portion of the yard (newly fenced in).  We never had a problem in the almost 20 years we’ve lived here and all the dogs we’ve had (or just had over).  I’m not sure which way to go with medication.  There is the shot to protect against Lyme disease or the chewables to take care of both heartworm and ticks (some do fleas as well).

Ok my focus is going and I am feeling spent.  Doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day but atleast I will be home.  I hope everyone has a good day!

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Beautiful Rainbows

Yesterday actually turned out better than I’d hoped.  I didn’t get into any yard work (the rain was heavy off and on, mostly on) but I did get laundry done which included our bedding.  And we got a beautiful double rainbow!  I called Chris out to look at it and took a bunch of pictures.  Had I been thinking I would’ve snuck out and gotten a picture of the rainbows behind the bikes in the front yard.  Oh well.  I will share the pictures at the end of this.

It is another chilly and wet day.  Atleast the kids will be more inclined to sleep while I am gone.  I checked my article schedule for the paper and I have this week free.  I’m glad as I am still battling for control with this cold.  The weather seems to help it dig in.  If the weather was warmer it would probably be gone.

I will probably show up and one of my transporters will already be there this morning.  Today shouldn’t be very busy.  And that is fine by me.  I have one phone call to make today and then I should be ok.  I have a few more tweaks to put on my budget and I should be good there as well.

I guess this will be another short one as I have just glanced at the clock and see that I need to get going for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!


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What to Do on a Sunday Morning?

I always enjoy reading what others have to say before I start my own post.  We all have such individual ways of seeing things which helps others see as well.  Even if it’s not the same thing.  Someone might look at a certain situation differently than us because they have been through a trauma that puts a different spin on things for them.  So when they write about it we see things through their eyes instead of their own.  The next time we encounter a similar situation we will also see it different because we have been given a glimpse of life through someone else’s eyes.  I find I ask what people think a lot more when I am writing my fiction just because I use that as background for various characters.  Not necessarily that opinion but how they feel or how they express themselves makes their way into the characters.

I got a lot done that I needed to, or rather said I would.  I did the two book reviews on Amazon (I praised the books more than gave a summary because that was already provided), I got and installed the free 30day trial of WordPerfect and I did some more research on what to do with income etc for my writing.  I’m telling you this whole “professional writer” thing is a lot more complicated than it looks!  You don’t just write anymore.  You find someone who is willing to pay you to do that, pay for your own equipment, pay your own taxes (and some who don’t have working spouses have to pay medical as well), keep track of all your income and bills so that you can show it to Uncle Sam at the end of the year (or quarter if that is how you want to pay) and hope that you have enough set aside or that you made enough to get some back.  I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed but it’s hard not to be.  There is so much to do outside of the writing!  I worry about the whole tax thing because I don’t want Chris to have any issues at the end of the year because of my Grand Experiment.

It is another chilly and wet morning here.  The kids let me sleep in again (bless them) and are back to snoozing as I write this.  I don’t know what I plan to do today.  I had hoped to work out in the yard.  It is supposed to rain on and off all day.  Someone mentioned storms at one point.  I can hear the rain on the windows.  I had hoped to get the last of the chicken wire fence that it inside the new fencing up but I don’t know.  I’m still sniffling along.  I feel ok just worn out a lot.  Ahhhh.  As I typed that I noticed that the room got darker and looking up I see thick deep grey clouds moving in.  I think I will remain inside.  What little light was outside is rapidly diminishing.

We went to the anniversary party last night.  It was fun.  I knew three people there.  That was Chris and the happy couple.  Lol.  I did recognize some folks from my Younkers days but for the most part I just people watched.  I’m glad we went.  It got us both out of the house for a bit (and the skies have opened up!  Wow!) and I got to see friends that I hadn’t for a few years.

I guess I will wrap this up and maybe curl up with a book.  It’s that kind of day.  Thanks for reading!  Cheers!


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Examining the Past

Tis a cool and wet morning but that is ok.  The leaves in the trees and all the plants in the yards are coming along nicely.  We have an anniversary party to go to this evening.  I think we will both be well enough to go.  The kids let me sleep in til after 8am for which I am very grateful as I stayed up too late watching Murder She Wrote.

Last night in my journal I was writing about how much faster time seems to be going by.  I’m not sure why this has hit over the past year or so.  Maybe because I am no longer with Younker’s and running around every day like an idiot trying to get everything done by yesterday.  There is time to observe and live.  Part of me feels that the 15 years I gave them were wasted just because I literally gave them most of my time.  I know they got all of my energy and most of my soul.  I spent too much there.  The cost was too high.  Yes I did get a lot out of there but it was nothing in comparison to what I gave.

Now that I am back with the living it seems as though time has passed me by.  I seem to be years behind everyone else.  Time and life have moved on without me.  So I scramble to catch up.  I try to do too much too fast.  Like a child gulping down her meal to get back outside and play with her friends in case she misses something.  I don’t think that it’s too late to rejoin life and the world.  I just need to stop trying to cram it all in.

I think that is the main reason I won’t willingly work retail again.  I gave up too much.  And for what?  A paycheck.  Supposed security.  I need more than that.  I get that they are there to make money.  But they won’t do it at the cost of my life and well being.  Not again.


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Up and About

It is getting harder and harder to read other blogs before I write mine.  But there it is.  This cold (or whatever it is) seems to come and go in waves.  I feel crappy when I get up but get better as the day goes on.  But late afternoon I start feel bad again.  Atleast I have an up swing to my day!

Despite all odds yesterday I did a bit of gardening, put all the laundry away (except the load that went through last night), and switched out dishes and ran a load.  Oh and we did our training.  So I feel good about that.

The month is going by so fast!  We are half way through May already!  I’m trying not to think of the first week of June.  Both because of that and that is when I go to get my SCUBA training.  I need to get on the web site and do my class work on there yet.  I am probably excited but I’m trying not to think about it too much.  The big reason is that I took the week off of work to do it.  Class is 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.  So it’s not like I could squeak it in after work.  Soooo I guess the plus to this is this is a five week month so I can try to pay ahead.

The kids have been really good all things considered.  I try to play with them when I get home from work etc but I’ve not really felt much like doing anything but sleep.  I’ve gotten out there with them and their toys to play and I encourage zoomies as often as they occur.  When Stella gets ripping around the yard (zoomies) a lot of the time the other two will chase her around.  A win-win for me.

All this is not what I had intended to write about.  I have all these wonderful serious topics to discuss when I got to bed but cannot remember a one of them when I wake up.  Not sure if that is good or bad.  I don’t want to get too serious with this (as in topics) but I also want to use this as a tool to get more writing jobs, which means I need to do more than what I am.  Nuts…. I forgot to do the reviews on Amazon again.  Pardon me while I write this down on paper.  Ok, I’m back.  I might make a list of blog topics while I’m at work.  Oh boy…. I just remembered we have an anniversary party to go to Saturday.  I wonder if we will be up for it.  It would be nice to see everyone again.  Although I will get grief for having more tattoos since they last saw me.  They are very anti ink.  We have agreed to disagree but every once in a while they must share their two cents.  Ahh well.  Not a bad price for friendship.

I got a few pictures of one of the hummingbirds we have this year. I’m glad I got the feeder out early.  And the feeder is full.  I use sugar water with no coloring as the coloring is bad for the birds.  As I need to get it together to head out for work I will share a few pics of that.  Have a great day!


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Freelancing , Financing and Being Sick

I’m sorry for not reading more of your posts today as WordPress is being a bit of a stinker.  It took me 15 minutes to get through what usually takes 5 minutes.  After the umpty umpth freeze I lost all patience.  But I did try.

I got moving forward on the finance managing front while at work yesterday.  The Money Book was a very worthwhile purchase.  I am plugging along a bit at a time.  I had planned to do more with it today but that isn’t going to happen.  Not only did I get whatever Chris has but I also have to muscle soreness for all my working tin the yards.  I feel bad enough that it even came into my dreams with me.  Sooooo I think that a lot of “fluff” reading will be done today.   I feel bad for the dogs because the other day we had such fun but yesterday I was a bit of a crabby lump  and I do believe today will be much the same.

I feel good about the whole finance thing though.  I have done a lot of this before but with not real context.  I also got a hold of my money person on taxes so I have a plan of what to do with that.  To be hones that part scares me.  I don’t want to mess Chris over following my dreams.  I suppose if it was too bad we could file separately?  We have always done joint since e tied the knot legally.  I guess we’ll see.  I do need to make a phone call today.  I had intended to do it yesterday with all the others but I did not have the number and once I got home I forgot about it.  I don’t want to call today because I am so irritable.  This won’t help my cause.  But I may have to try.

I still have had no assignments no that I am onboard with the new editor.  I may touch base today and see if there is something I can do or say to speed things up.  They may just be inundated with people and things to do.  I may offer to read a book of my own and review it if nothing is forthcoming.  I need to knock the dust off.  I should start with doing my Amazon reviews.  There are a few books that I told myself I was going to review on there.  All good.

Goodness.  I feel like I’ve been beaten up and left to die right now.  I will sign off of here and make my to do list and hope for the best.  I hope you have a great day!

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Short and Sweet

This will be very short as that is my time as well.  I got up extra early and got both my articles written and sent out this morning.  For once I did not write two drafts. It felt good so I may do this on a regular basis if the paper likes what they read.  Rain has started here.  It will be much welcomed by the plants and trees.  I got a ton of yard work done yesterday once I got home.  I am very happy with how things are progressing.  I have asked Mom to come and help with the three raised gardens.  Just to get them cleaned up enough to plant in.  Two of us should be able to get it done in an afternoon (I hope).  It would take just me a lot longer than that.

I got the kids good and tired out yesterday between playing and working in the yard.  They should sleep well into the afternoon for Chris after I leave.  We all had a lot of fun yesterday.  I’m sure that my body will let me know how much tomorrow.  lol.  I am pretty happy with how things are going all in all.  I do need to sit down and do my budget and make some phone calls.  I was supposed to do that yesterday but I did not.  Sooo I will work on the budget at work (if I have time, I’ve not looked at my schedule yet) and do my calls once I get home.  I don’t know why I hate calling people.  I just don’t like it anymore.  Oh well.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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Getting Going in the Front Gardens

I had hoped to be doing this only laptop but it is still messed up. It takes forever to do anything so I have been trying various things. Now I’m running behind.

Mentally I think Spring is here. Yesterday I found myself doing a big move in the living room after I got home. I also did done much needed cleaning. I also got things cleared up in the house so I can actually work on the front gardens (I am watching my adorable Moose pull up a blanket to cuddle with on the couch ❤️) and the kids can see most of what I am doing. So my main goals today involve my gardens. I am going to try to clean up the front gardens today. The one bush/tree really needs to be but back and my rose bush trimmed up or at the very least wrapped around the trellis behind it. I think I will clear the debris out and hope for no frost from here on out.

I am excited to notice various lilac springs taking charge around the house. I am going to have to transplant one of the large bushes that are by the driveway as it blocks the new route behind the fence. I may tuck it in behind the other lilacs. I worry that it won’t survive. Another thing I need to read up on… tree transplanting.

I also want to get the last of the chicken wire fence down. Atleast what is still up witching the new fencing. It’s not much but it is still up. The outer chicken wire fencing will be a bit more involved as there seems to be a never ending supply of it.

But I look at my clock and I need to get it together to go to the meeting. Oh and fill my propane tank for work. I hope everyone has a great day! Cheers!